Tips for using LinkedIn Recommendations to attract new business

Tips for using LinkedIn Recommendations to attract new business

Don’t underestimate the importance of getting people to recommend you and your company products and services on LinkedIn…
More than 100 new members join LinkedIn every minute which is why it’s used mainly for intelligence, recruitment and networking – it works by building up your personal contacts and business associates.
Linkedin recommendations can have a massive impact on your ability to attract new business and can help to establish a foundation for a good, trustworthy reputation. Great recommendations make all the difference, but what’s the best way to go about it?
1. Make it easy
It can be difficult to broach the subject but when asking for a testimonial/recommendation; we suggest you make it as easy as possible! Remind them of the work you’ve done or the outcome that you helped to deliver. It’s often not too forward to even ask them to mention a particular skill or attribute. Of course, this may depend on the relationship that you have with that particular associate or client, but suggesting a starting point within a LinkedIn Recommendation request or sending a link to your profile may help the process along.

2. Ensure your recommendations reflect your brand
Ideally, the recommendations that you display on your profile should reinforce your personal or company brand and represent how you want to be known as to others. Remember, you don’t have to publish every recommendation you receive if it doesn’t show your very best side…

 3. How many recommendations should I aim for?
10 is a good number of well-rounded reviews to shoot for (although obviously the more the better!). What’s really nice is when people are regular LinkedIn users and write you a recommendation without you even asking them – this can happen surprisingly often – just remember to say thank you!

However, not everyone is used to this practice so be persistent. Ask for recommendations personally wherever possible and explain why they are important to you, this shows that you are taking yourself seriously and you have put in the time and effort to get them.

4. Lead by example
And finally, there’s nothing to stop you making the first move – if you experience great service or receive valuable advice then tell people about it. It’s a nice feeling and you’ll make someone’s day!

Giving recommendations will increase your exposure and visibility in the industry, so you can also offer to ‘swap’ recommendations so everyone is a winner!.. Although, in order to maintain integrity ONLY recommend companies and individuals that you would happily recommend to your own family and friends!

Get in touch if you need RT Media to help with any aspect of your social media activity and Look out for our new refreshed LinkedIn profile before the end of this year.

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Brand love gets social with our expanded social media services

brand love gets social

Following our recent acquisitions, we’re very proud to announce our updated and extended social media services!

We’ve expanded our training workshops to include:

Introduction to Social Media – designed for decision makers who need to understand how social fits into their business and how to begin to create a SMART strategy to do so.

I’m on LinkedIn, But… – understand how to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level as a powerful networking tool.

Twitter 101 – learn to make best use of this powerful communication tool for your business.

Better Blogging – covering both technical how-to (using WordPress) and best practice content creation.

Facebook for Business – designed to enable you to utilise the world’s largest social network for real business benefit.

We’ve also launched 2 new services:

The Online Social Impact Audit provides a reference point to identify areas of improvement and forms the starting point for any social media campaign or strategy development.

Maximise the number of people who hear about and interact with your event, product or brand launch with our Social Media Event Amplification.

Our Social Media Management page has been updated to reflect changes to our offerings also.

just a line

We’re offering an Introduction to Social Media breakfast session for only £25+VAT.

Come and join us on the 26th October at 8am (for an 8:30 start) for some breakfast and an overview from our Social Media Strategist, Luke on:

  • Why social networking matters to your brand
  • An overview of the key sites
  • Some future trends to look out for

Call Steve on 01202 888192 to reserve your place.

If you’d like more information on any of our social media services, please call Luke in the office.

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Branding Gets Social with RT Media Acquisitions

Dorset based strategic branding and digital agency, RT Media, has completed the acquisition of two Bournemouth based companies – social media training and consultancy business, SocialTech, and creative agency, Ozone Creative Solutions.

Ross Thornley. founder of RT Media, explains: “We recently carried out a strategic review within the business with a view to increasing resources, skills and generating growth. Both SocialTech ( and Ozone complement our existing capabilities and will further enhance our offering, expanding our branding expertise into all online communications and leading to a wider solution for our international, national and regional clients.”

Ross Thornley with Tony Ridgway and Luke Williams

Founded in 2008, SocialTech has built a reputation as a leader of social media training and consultancy. Its clients include Channel 4, E.ON, Condé Nast and Dorset Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI).

Luke Williams, Director and founder of SocialTech, comments: “I’ve always held the team at RT Media and the outstanding quality of their design work in the highest regard. When the opportunity to merge our businesses became available it was an obvious fit, in terms of culture and approach, and as a logical extension of their brand communication to offer an extended range of services.”

As a total creative resource, Ozone Creative Solutions brings expertise from its impressive folio of advertising, direct mail, sales literature, Point of Sale, interactive CD and online design work to RT Media. Its ‘straight talking’ and ‘clear creative thinking’ approach is also a natural fit for RT Media, as Tony Ridgway founder of Ozone, comments:

“Our view has always been to get the job done, and get it done well. The team at RT Media has a similar approach; they like to get under the skin of a client’s and challenge them to really know what is actually required to achieve the objectives. We have already started collaborating on several campaigns and new business wins, which has shown us just how much potential we have, working together.”

Steve Mills, Business Development Manager at Nutrichef said “As a long standing customer of RT we were asked to be one of the test clients they worked with pre-merger to support the re-launch of our new web site. Adding the social media knowledge from SocialTech to the branding expertise of RT worked very well, dramatically extending our reach online.”

Ross adds: “This is a coming of age for RT Media. Integrating the three very like-minded, skilled and professional teams has given us a very strong platform for growth. It is a new era, both for us and for our clients, who will most certainly benefit from having this level of resource for their campaigns.”

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Has Google found their place in Social Media with Google+?

After a long history of Social Media attempts, and their more recent, albeit low radar, endeavours in the form of Google Wave and Google Buzz, has Google finally put forward a contender in the seemingly unattainable competition with Social networking giant, Facebook?

The ‘invitation-only’ launch of Google+ has been widely hyped as the most promising competitor to Facebook for some time. In some ways it seems to have ‘borrowed’ a lot of the key aspects and features of Facebook’s functionality, however, it is hitting out at Facebook’s weaknesses too.

With an estimated 500 million plus users, privacy is an area on which Facebook has been criticised in the past, and Google are grabbing this opportunity to differentiate themselves with both hands. Although this alone will not be enough to sway the dedicated Facebook fans, reviews from the chosen few that were invited to try it, shows that Google+ has potential to, compete with at least, Facebook.

Another of the key differences that could push Google+ is the depth of integration available. At the moment, Google+ is linked to all other aspects of Google; accounts and Gmail for example. This integration will undoubtedly allow users to go about their daily online business without leaving the site, meaning a much longer contact time with the user, attractive to both Google+ and marketers.

Comparisons with Facebook



Profiles: The users display page, on which ‘friends’
of the user can post messages, pictures and share content that they have

Profiles: With your profile, you can manage the
information that people see — such as your bio, contact details, and links
to other sites about you or created by you.

Networks: Users can belong to more than one network;
these are usually the hometown or school/university/workplace networks.

Circles A functionality that allows you to group
your friends into individual circle/group. You can share different content
with different circles.

Chat: an integrated instant messaging service
with Facebook, where you can ‘chat’ to friends in private conversations.

Huddle: A type of group messaging. It turns different
conversations into one simple group chat, so everyone gets on the same page
all at once.

Photo Up loader: users can create photo albums by
uploading pictures from either their computer or smart phones.

Instant Uploads: The photos and videos from your mobile can be
shared instantly. You can take a photo and it uploads to your Picasa or
YouTube account and then you can share those photos and videos via Google+ to
specific “circles.”

Privacy: An area where Facebook is often
criticised, there are different levels of privacy which have to be manually
changed by the user. Otherwise the default level allows all Facebook users to
see your profile.

Privacy: You can assign different
visibility levels to most parts of your profile. The names of your circles
are never exposed to anyone else. You can confirm how your profile looks to a
specific person regardless of whether they’re in one of your circles.

Groups/Likes: there are thousands of groups
and pages, representing all interests and products you can think of, and
those you can’t!

Sparks: This feature lets you pick your interests and
then does what Google does the best, it gathers all relevant content from the
web for that topic and allows you to control which circle views what content.
It also connects you with people of similar interests.

Opportunities for brands

The main opportunity for brands on the new Google+ network, aside from wanting to be added to people’s circles, the equivalent of being ‘liked’ on Facebook or ‘followed’ on Twitter, is the ‘Sparks’ application. A user will list their likes and interests, and Google feeds them relevant information/products. The priority for brands will be to appear at the tops of these lists, whether this is through SEO linked to Google searches or interest optimization. This could give the opportunity for a new optimization market to develop, giving marketers another channel to consider.

Although business and ‘non-human’ pages are not currently part of Google+ being tested in the trial, it is something that they are looking to provide. Jeff Huber, Google VP of Local and Commerce, has indicated that Google+, at some point in the near future will include the option for business profile page. Here is his comment:
‘And pre-emptively answering a question — yes, we will have (smb) business profile pages on Google+. I can’t announce a launch date yet, but we want to make them *great*, and we’re coding as fast as we can.’
It is surprising that Google+ has not been more prepared for the wave of brands wanting to create profiles, as happened with Facebook and Twitter. Brands want to go where their customers are, and by not trailing the promised specialized business profiles, Google+ may have missed a trick.

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RT Media celebrates ten years of growth

Company founder and Creative Director, Ross Thornley talks about building a successful – and balanced – creative business, and his predictions for the future.

This month, RT Media celebrates a decade of creative campaigns, branding and web marketing for a client base spanning international, national and regional clients of all shapes and sizes.

Company founder and Creative Director, Ross Thornley, attributes the company’s success to a clear vision, a clear definition of success, a focussed drive to achieve it, and good timing – launching a creative agency at the start of the new media revolution.

Ross explains: “When I started the company I was 21, I worked from a bedroom armed with an Apple Mac, support from my family and a desire to prove myself.  Ten years on, RT Media has grown organically to a 10 strong team with all the skills required to fully service 21st century campaigns.  All this has happened against perhaps the biggest ever change for marketeers; the advent of broadband into our homes.”

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