RT Media Gets More from Google

RT Media strategic brand communications agency is celebrating the qualification of Online Content Publisher, Darryl Walker, as a Google Adwords Qualified Individual.  The Google Adwords Professional Exam formalises Darryl’s existing skill set and has already enhanced and honed his experience.

Darryl explains: “The formal qualification is an extension of the experience and knowledge I had already gained from running Adwords campaigns for our clients over the course of several months, which can be used to demonstrate my personal knowledge of the programs.  Now, with better understanding as a result of this training, I can run client and company campaigns even more effectively.”

Google Adwords is Google’s advertising program, allowing users to create simple and effective adverts online and display them to people already searching for information related to the advertiser’s business – effectively placing relevant adverts in front of the relevant people.

Creative Director Director at RT Media, Ross Thornley, commented:  “While we have been able to offer Adwords campaigns for a while, we believe in providing the best possible service for our clients, actively encouraging further learning and continued professional development of all our team. The great thing about this qualification is that it is very ‘hands-on’, requiring Darryl to run an Adword campaign alongside taking the examination in order to qualify, demonstrating his capability.  We congratulate Darryl on his success; we are already utilising his expertise to complement our clients’ ongoing and forthcoming campaigns to give them that essential competitive edge in the online marketplace.”

As would be expected, the training and examination took place online via the Adwords Learning Centre, which uses a special testing program and blocks access to other programs while the exam is taking place.

The examination, entailing 120 exam questions over the course of two hours with a minimum 85% pass rate, was in addition to managing and maintaining at least one existing Google Adwords campaign during a 90 day period.

Darryl the PPC Google Adwords man

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Fixed CPA in Adwords

CPA is an acronym you may not be familiar with. It stands for Cost Per Acquisition, in effect the amount of money you have paid (or are willing to pay) to acquire a sale, quote or registration via an advertising program.

CPA is primarily used for e-commerce websites, where it is much easier to track your “customers journey” from landing page to checkout confirmation page.

At TFM&A 2010 there was some interesting new ideas surrounding the usage of CPA in AdWords. Traditionally, CPA is used in addition to a normal advertising campaign to help drive potential customers to the site and convert them. Now though, some companies have been looking at using a CPA only approach with managed campaigns.

This is normally handled through an agency who can take the time to apply their knowledge to the situation. This starts with an agreed retainer with the actual costs for the advertisements ultimately coming out of the agencies pocket and an agreed number of acquisitions within a time period. The agency can then take this information and apply it to the campaign, starting off with the AdWords recommended CPA.

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