Brand, James Brand

Surely there are few brands as truly global as James Bond. In fact I read that about half the world’s population has seen a James Bond film. In the 1950s when seven of the original books were written, Ian Fleming bucked every trend; Britain was conformist and austere, Bond was everything but, he offered an escape.

Fleming did not write great literature, but he knew what his audience wanted; style and excitement were in short supply in post-war Britain so he wrote about exotic food & places, gadgets & machines, as well as sex snobbery and violence!

When times are tough, think about selling your tribe an escape!

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Betjeman, Bond and Brand

As the advertising industry struggles more and more for revenue modern day, cinema, product placement gives advertisers the reach they cannot buy elsewhere and because of their demographic and geographic appeal Bond movies have become particularly adept at exploited this.

In fact as long ago as 2002, Die Another Day, was derided as one long advert for brands like Absolut Vodka, Omega Watches, Aston Martin & Jaguar cars, to name a few. In fact some 20 companies paid a total of £44m for the privilege of having their products up on the big screen and then small screen DVD and TV for years to come.

No surprise you may think when Ian Fleming wrote about supercharged Bentleys and Bollinger Champagne 50 years earlier. But what might surprise you is that many of Fleming’s contemporaries were doing the same John Betjeman, for one, albeit he was mentioning Hillman saloons and Ovaltine!

Novels, advertising, product placement, one rule doesn’t change: know your audience!

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