‘BO***CKS’ Filming with Amy Garcia

On Tuesday we changed our boardroom into a filming studio. It was great fun working on a training DVD forReviewing the script Sony. The script, graphics, filming, editing and production will be completed within 3 weeks from winning the work.

I am looking forward to editing together all the ‘BO***CKS’ fluff ups into one clip, which I hope to get the thumbs up from Amy to post on u-tube :)

Amy has worked with us on a few Sony projects including presenting at ISE www.iseurope.org She is an excellent presenter all ‘BO***CKS’ forgiven! check out her site here: www.amygarciaofficial.com

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Present in style – e-Den.2

Yes it really is me in front of the camera. Don’t worry I wont give up my day job.

e-Den.2 – Heat 1. Filmed by isstv.tv

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RT & SONY in European Union

I never expected, directing and starring in a video shoot for SONY, to appear on my cv, but it’s there now! I’ve just got back from Brussels where I’ve been with an RT film crew shooting a prototype 3D video conferenecing system – just like something out of Minority Report! I am convinced that this piece of kit will revolutionise the way businesses communicate it is so life-like! It will enable businesses to collaborate rather than simply communicate, over long distance.

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