Luke Achieves Personal Goal at TEDx Event

Luke Williams at TEDx in Hull

The opportunity to speak at one of the world-famous, non-profit TEDx events doesn’t happen every day – in fact it is by invitation only.  So when Luke Williams, a Social Media Strategist at RT Media and fan of TEDx events for many years was asked to speak at a recent TEDx event in Hull, it was a personal achievement.

Luke explains: “TED was set up in 1984 in the USA to bring together people from the Technology, Entertainment and Design worlds under the banner of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’.
TEDx events follow the same format but on a local level and take place all over the world covering a whole range of topics.

“To be invited to speak at a TEDx event, the content must be unique and in keeping with the spirit of sharing worthwhile ideas, as well as the theme for the event – in this case ‘Beyond Limits’. Speakers undergo a rigorous process, which ensures the quality and standard is very high. First I had to submit my idea and then complete a form about why I wanted to speak on my chosen topic.  Once accepted, I was asked to meet the panel in London, prior to the event in Hull. “

Luke’s powerful subject  ‘Why Don’t You?’ focused on his own personal journey from boy to manhood following the death of his father, the ‘epiphany’ he experienced from setting key personal, career and even ‘enjoyment’ goals, and the focus to achieve them.

Luke adds: “Being invited to talk at the TEDx event in Hull was a great honour, especially having followed TEDx events for many years – and one which I can tick off from my list of personal goals.”

Each TEDx event includes a suite of short, carefully prepared talks such as Luke’s, or demonstrations and performances (live, or TEDTalks videos from on a wide range of subjects.  The aim is to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and to provoke conversations that matter.

Luke’s presentation will be added to the TEDx library and made available on the RT Media Blog in due course.

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