The Time For Change is Near

There are some things we just come to accept after a while, no matter how inadequate and cumbersome they may be.

What am I referring to? The Facebook Business Pages.

Earlier this month I was listening to Radio 1 while they were trying to boost the number of ‘likes’ on their Facebook page to over 1.5 million. I picked up two interesting points from their chatter. Firstly, they were trying to see if there was a way that they could set permissions for a video so that only people who ‘liked’ the page could see it, as a loyalty reward. They established that this could not be done (it is possible, but not by any means easy) and moved on to uploading the video itself. They struggled for ten minutes to get it to display on the page, with Aled Jones stating that as he couldn’t sign in as the Business Page itself, only his personal account, the video was ending up on his profile.

This was not a very significant event, nor was it something we didn’t already know about Facebook Pages. It did, however, make me consider just how long we have put up with the difficulties of the Facebook business pages and that Google+ as a competitor is long overdue.

Despite its very recent invite only launch, the number of Google+ users has grown at a rate greater than that of Facebook at its’ launch. Google have also been continuously updating the selection of features on offer, with the game sections which was released last month.

However, the benefits of Google+ are likely to be had within their much anticipated Business offering. Where other social media platforms have struggled, Google+ Business is rumoured to be a tailored business social solution, rather than a business add on to a social platform.

Google+ are still in the development stages of the business pages, and brands have been advised not to try and create their pages under personal accounts. This indicates that they intend to offer something that is quite different for businesses from the individual accounts. They are even going as far as policing the network to shut down any business accounts that are set up prior to the launch.

Although nothing official has been released, experts have predicted that Google+ business will excel above Facebook in its usability, features, search functionality and analytics tools – most of these are native to the success of Google.

Google+ looks set to have the potential to be the leading social media platform for businesses, and I for one cannot wait for the launch.

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