Building brands with glue.

Today I gave a presentation to company who we have been working with for the past six months. The unveiling to the staff a new re-brand, critical to the success of the change and strategic repositioning we are aiming to achieve are the employees.

A fundamental mind shift and belief will build on the foundations this new vision and decide it’s success.

The company’s position as one of the South’s largest and most visible driving schools is about getting a much needed enhancement with the launch of their new branding. So much more than just a fresh logo, this project has taken New Driver’s management team over six months to complete and involved them working closely with us.

With full implementation planned for the next few months, the resultant strategic and operational changes will positively impact everything from the company’s literature and website to stationery and vehicle livery.

One of the most innovative and important changes to come out of New Driver’s re-branding initiative has been a complete restructuring of how the school works with its Accredited Partner Instructors. We have developed some industry first packages that will truly differentiate them in the market.

For me today was about ‘Employee Alignment’

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