Marketing in a crunch!

When the economy’s on song people buy for fun! We love it, we deserve it, it’s great to get a bit of retail therapy!

But when the talk is of crunch and crisis, the voice in our head changes. We continue to buy but for different reasons; maybe to avoid problems or because we think that it’s a bargain and it’ll never be that cheap again. Alternatively we might still need a sense of reward but buy smaller.

Different motivations but maybe same purchase.

A “Costa” everyday on the way to work was the reward for a confident earner; the same cup of coffee becomes the small reward for someone struggling to make ends meet. It’s all in the story!

If you’re marketing you need to work out how to adapt that story; customers will then be happy to change the story they tell themselves.

All the elements in your product or service when marketed add up to a perception. If you change these elements the perception changes, the buyer’s emotions change and the story will change too.

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